Thursday, February 12, 2009

& so another looong night.

I always find DAY passes by faster.
But night passes by real slow for me..

I only feel this way when RonRon is away..
To people out there.

Yes. I am allowed to hang out in his room with e door closed yada yada till late night.
But I am not allowed to stay over night due to my parents.
I am not allowed to even stay with him for as long as I want to.
Even though when he is away in camp.
I am not allowed to stay with him like how so many other certain chinese girls are allowed to.
& yeap. It's all because of my parents.
I love my parents. But I always had mind set clash with them since Sec 2.
That's why I want to marry him.
I love him a lot & I really wanna be with him forever ever ever no matter  good & bad endings.
I don't wanna get out of my house but I really cant take it when everyting doesnt seem right.
I don't FEEL right being in this house.
We  talked about it. But..
We can't get married till  June/July 2011.
If we were to marry now, it'll be  the best! He won't need to stay in camp.
Everyday come back..*sigh*..

Ina..Keep dreaming..

So that's why at times, this distance/loneliness drives me real crazy.
Oh wait. Maybe because I am too free.
My pals are busy.
The people that saved me are adeQ & Dwi.

Frankly, I don't feel like I have.. BFF. Especially the forever part. 
I mean not that they are bad. They are real great!
But.. at times I do feel left out.
3/4 of them are coming like more than a decade kinda friendship.
Mine's like 3 or 4 years.
It's a totally different..vibe.
I love them. *shrugs*

Am such an attention seeker. Sheesh.
p.s, the vids are up.



  1. OMG! AZWINNNNAAAA! how did you even find me via my blog?! HAHAHAHA. and yes,OF COURSE! i remembered you! haha. how ya doin?!

  2. touched my name sis up there..hey u have me ure whole life time!!..TILL DEATH DO US PART..I PROMISE...

  3. Dwi-U r soooo featured in my blog...

  4. iNa;Anonymous>> who sia this person?

  5. It's suppose to be me lah!! "Dwi" lazy want to put name..was just telling u that u r featured durh...hehe

  6. hahaha! well, yeeah,i guess so then. heh! im pretty ok,so far so goood! haha. where ya schling now? i'll link you alrite? (:

  7. Sorry I've been so busy babe. MI's been killing me really and I'm only free on my weekends and your off with Aaron then. :(

    I've had a hard time keeping in contact with Ika as well. Last time I saw you both was ages ago! Maybe we can have a lunch or dinner date after school one of these days? :)

    Love ya babe! And you gotta call me up more often if ya wanna talk - :( My phone bill's been off the roof!