Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My going to be Healthy Regime

Guess what?

I've started exercising.
Influenced by AdeQ & DUH my big tummy.

Woke up most morning to do crunches & lower abs workout(its &*@^*#%$!!!).
Trying my best to avoid all kinds of food after 12 AM.
I stopped snacking already! Like for a few weeks already.
I started more house chores(as it is also tiring).
I haven't start running though=\.. I dun have any sports bra & running shoes.

RonRon said we'll buy on valentine's day!!!YAY!

My Plan:
For the blog is.. To add in more cute videos. Which meant I need to invest on a better recording cam that's portable.

& I have an art piece that am trying to sell at a bid that starts off from $750. It's authentic and I have the certificate with it as well.

& also I have some clothes to sell. Seriously.. I can't believe am partly an impulse buyer -.-'.

P.s Any jobs PT/FT/Temp anyone can recommend???!! Thanks! URGENT URGENT!



  1. U want Part Time Jobs?
    Sure? I can intro u..

    Ta da da da ta~
    I'm lovin' it XD

  2. sayang. i am sorry, i have been MIA from you for too long. (thinking secondary school) I'll pick a day(i am certain you'll be free for me, idont care) HEH. we'll go sheesha. :) i miss you, deeep deeep.

    i'll give you my number when i see you online!

  3. iNa;Cass>>. THANKS AH. I Dun want 3.50/hr u know!!! Hahaha!

    iNa;Liyana>>. Yes yes!! sheeeeshaaaaaa~~~

  4. Hahaha.
    You say want job mah, LOLLLL
    I'm just introing you leh.

    Or you want KFC, Long John Silvers, Mos Burger, Burger King, etc? Lol.!

  5. diao~
    thanks AH!
    i don't want job where 14 yr olds also can get lehh!

  6. No la. that one 13 yearold can get liao.