Monday, February 23, 2009


For those who read Twilight series.
Am sure u've come across the word 'imprinted'.

Somehow.. That's how i felt with Aaron.
U know..Like..No matter how many good looking guys passed by or i go WOW at this guy's face.. 
I'll end up forgetting their face the moment i turn to look at RonRon.

& strangely enough(am not sure about u others), I tend not to focus or i'll get distracted whenever RonRon is beside me. 
It's very.. weird.
That NEVER happen to me.

So i THINK i am imprinted to him. 
I love him in every way possible.
I have no regrets having him no matter marriage is a bit tedious process.
But I really really love him.

Love is the maximum word of any form of endearment or fondness etc.
So I shall just say. I Love Aaron.
I know its only 1 year plus.
Still in the honeymoon mood.
& I DO have bad/petty arguments with him.
But.. haha.. I just love him.

P.s My room is done. & its big for 1 person. Plus I have extra spaces in the room as I don't have anything else to put.
Anyone wanna overnight in my house?! Mine is a queen size bed! 
Applies to girls & RonRon only!!!