Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make Up Tips 101

Have you people see some of those girls who has problems applying make up?

- Face tone is sooo off from their whole body.
- Eyeliner too thick thinkin vampy looks are sexy(they are- but not too much!)
- Eyeshadow and outfits are EXACTLY e same colour.(is ur outfit's colour all e way to ur face?).
- Powder looks cakey(I bet you must ran out of powder,so flour huh?).
- Blushers looked like sunburns(Blushers ARE supposed to be applied onto the apple cheek- But it doesn't literally have to look like an apple).

-& many many more. (etc, is THAT foundation on  your lips?)

God. It is an eyesore to see those. & to think, some of them think they're HOT having make up disfigured them.

Things to clear them out:

-Eyeliners don't make your eyes BIGGER. It makes them much more minute. Only apply bottom to enhance the eyes.
-Eyeshadows are suppose to enhance u. & wearing the same colour as ur outfit, will not bring attention neither to ur face nor ur outfit. Make up is suppose to bring out the beautiful u w/o needing to apply too much.
- Powders are SUPPOSE to be near you colour tone. LIGHTER than that makes u look like a fake and a fraud! & NOT BEAUTIFUL at all. Because its not natural.
-Blushers are mostly for fair skin people as fair skin may tend to look pale. So its to have a touch of glow. For tan/darker people, its all right but preferably lighter. 

Above is a set of eyeshadow brushes, eyebrow brush & lip brush. They are essential tools for your face. You can get it anywhere in cosmetic shops so don't be lazy for your beauty.

Eyeshadows: It's best to use neutral colours(natural) during the day and dark colours for at night. 

For make up, its either you enhance your eyes or your lips. Its scary if you enhance both.

For better looking skin:

1-SLEEP; No sleep, under-eye circles and bags are just the beginning.
2-WATER;Drinking(8 glasses a day),Washing(twice a day) & hydrating(whenever needed).
3-SUN SCREEN;Wrinkles,Sunburn,Sun spots,Cancer:need to go on?
4-NO SMOKING;Aside from all e bad healths u know, it causes wrinkles esp around e mouth.
5-Take it off; NEVER sleep with make up. Eew.

Don't tell me I have to add in cleansing,exfoliation,toning & moisturizing? Sheesh.



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