Monday, November 10, 2008

Changi Beach & Food

Sunday was spent with my family including my aunt,uncle & Grandma.

Grandma was craving to go to the beach.

So we headed to Changi beach.

It was warm & humid that day.

I just enjoyed walkin n the sand & playing with the water.

After all that, we went to eat at Changi Village. I think so that's the area.

We ordered a whole lot of food. It was Indian Cuisine. Grandma was craving Dosai(pronounce it Toh-seh). I prefer the Apom. It is like... erm I dunno how to describe it. It is some dough thats fried on e sides and the center is white but fluffy. So the sides are crispy. Its round in shape and we eat it with orange colour sugar (which think its e normal fine sugar) and coconut milk (fattening. Tell me about it.). But the taste is really nice. The last time i remembered eating these was in my childhood days!

After all the eatin, grandma wanted to go Mustafa Centre. Instead, our car got stuck in Human traffic. We couldn't drive either. So aunt,uncle & grandma was the one that got in first. My family decided we go home and let them do their shopping. So that's how it ended.

Sorry am not in the mood to blog much. Lots of thinking to do.

Enjoy the funny pics.


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