Monday, November 17, 2008


What past few days I've been doing.

I am very very lazy to blog so here goes a brief one.


Went to Queensway Shopping Centre with NiNi as she wanted an Industrial Piercing. Farnkly I dun find a need to pay around $50-$68 just for the ear. I rather spend it on naval piercing. So when we arrived, I told her to think about it. In the end we ended up eating Laksa at that place(it's nice). It has big cockles. Worth it for $3.  Then we went back and bought 'vadeh' ( i dunno how to spell). 


Brought lil bro out in the evening to watch Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa. It is one of THE best Dreamworks movie for me because it has a very very humorous script. & whatever add ons I rate it 4.5/5 because it made me laughed so much (as SHREK was the worse one i could ever watch.Wait. SHREK IS Dreamworks right?) & 0.5 less because , its a KIDS movie. & predictable. Oh before watchin the show, we played Time Crisis 3. It sucks. Because the pedal BROKE!


I was half crazy waiting for RonRon to contact me up so as to know when he finished his Field camp. He msged me at 7PM which he got no time to eat together with my family as it was NiNi's B'day. We ate at Sakura Buffet at EHub... Sadded. NiNi brought 2 of her friends along; Nisha & Nura. They were great. Rowdy & noisy they are, but fun. I know am older but young at heart!!

We camwhored like a bunch! The rents sent me to RonRon's house at 10 plus PM. & went back around 2AM. Sigh~ I love him.


RonRon & me went to The Cathay to watch Quantum of Solace. It's nice. Want my review? I can't review it. Because.. Am not a big fan of any James Bond movie but the action is worth watching. Then we went back home because am too lazy to walk around already & since we dun club, there's nothing much to do at night in town aside shopping. We went MacD & off we went to OUR home (haha). Watched him play Doom 3(which I didn't dare once the freaking zombies scared the shit out of me) & ate & chatted. I went back at 1 AM. I loooooooove him.


Woke up late as I stayed late e other night. Talked to him on the phone. Around 3 plus went out with the fam to Geylang -.-'. I hate geylang. We ate there and survey for my whitening + Vit E scrub & off home. Nothin much. But he booked in liao :( Now he got a Situational Camp going on & only this coming Wed can talk to him :(..

That's all though. I'll be puting up pictures in a bit after this post. & oh, there's no pictures of me & RonRon on Saturday. Sadded. Off to watch some shows. Taa~

P.s We planned to get married in 3 years time. I told my parents about it. They seem to agree =) Wee~

P.P.s It's just a plan though. Who knows things might happen in the middle & poof! We were not meant to be or something.


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