Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What happens when I'm a Celebrity?

First and foremost.

This is gonna be a very fast post.

So bear with me as I have to bathe and get ready by 6pm.

Some bugger is jealous of me.
The person(He/SHe) made a friendster account of me and name it,

The picture was a cleavagey pic in the year 2007.

& the profile is private.

& Netty flagged it for me.. Thanks!

So i don't know if its still there.

& btw, to that person. Thanks for all the fame :)
Too bad you are not me.

Yesterday went out with my Pri School Best friends back then.
It was so fun. I mean we all still feel like we were in Primary school.
The difference is that, we live so far away now.
& I had to like tone down on my vulgar. Haha.

I will update their pics soon.
I am so in a hurry.

Oh yeah, am heading to Bedok tonight.
Will be back tomorrow evening.

So people that stays around East, RING RING me!!!


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