Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm nauseated.

All because of gaming 5 hours straight.

Left 4 Dead..*sneer*

It was my second time playing it.But with other players.

I was seriously quite confused & 'sua-ku'.

It was with Ivy & Netty.

Ivy is a gamer. More no life than me hor..

We completed 1 mission in like 1 Hour 20 mins. How pathetic am I?
There was one time when we were playing, the whole mall had a blackout.
It was quite happening cause we were the only girls and in the end, took pics 
and the blackout lasted 30 mins. 

I overnight at my relatives' place at Bedok.
Since Netty stay East, I wanted to meet her up so we ended up gaming with her bringing Ivy along.

After gaming & stuff, we went MacD to eat which Netty was too nauseated to eat her double cheeseburger, I in turn, ate it. Even after eating McChicken.

I kept shooting my friends hahahah.

We headed home by taxi.
& shortly after that, I took taxi to Woodlands.
Coming down with a pretty bad cold.

P.s, Pics later2 la hor. Too sick & lazy to upload.


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