Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little unnecessary Updates

To those who have been wondering where i went.

I have been playing Left 4 Dead Online.
Lotsa nonsense people thinking they're playing CS -.-'.

Weekend was uneventful.
I mean aside meeting RonRon.
Nothing really nice is happening.

Life is DULL.

Sorry uh peeps.
I am lazy to even update myself.
I have no topic aside from gaming that most of you don't even play(to some girls i mean).

When my mood is much better i update la.



  1. hi! it's me, tassadiq! um, i'm not confident enough that you would still remember me...but i think you would. hehe. anyway, i'm impressed at how you've...um, grown up. yeah, pretty as always.

    *slaps himself* aww...anyway, good to see you're still around and well. hope we could do some catching up.


  2. >>>Tassadiq!! I SOOOOO remember u!
    Ok ur gonna like hate me if i were to erm say.. i called u Mr.Bean when we were very young. Hahaha. U soo gotta drop me ur MSN! if u have one :D Btw, how u find me??!!

  3. arghhh...i knew everyone was gonna drop the "mr bean" tag on me as SOON as they see my bloody face. haiz...

    i found you by...i'll tell you later, okay?

    p.s "dark_saint10@hotmail.com". add me.