Monday, March 9, 2009

Now & Forever..

Start off:

I miss him.
I love him.
I want & need him.
I now daresay I love him like I never love anyone else before.

My posts are not as updated because. I have no life. As you all already know by now.
My fucking PC has some power supply issues and Parents' pay comes in in 3 days time.
Then daddy will change the power supply for me.

Which meant playing World of WarCraft or Sims right now is impossible in my room.

I am in the mood of watching movies. Past movies I mean.
I still have no luck in finding a fucking job yet.
School will reply this 16th-31st March.

I am craving for Gelare.
I am craving for LJS's grilled salmon.
I am craving for Fish burger.
No. I'm not pregnant.

RonRon's bookout was spent watching movies.
& OH! Gaming on Wii.

We played House of The Dead Overkill.
Fucking fun.

I have been doing O-Level Maths 10 yr series.
Haha. I don't want my brain to deteriorate.

Momsie started her Degree on Saturday.
She told me when I finish my Adv Dip/Poly Dip, she'll sponsor me going abroad to study.
Tryna get into Uni locally is seriously impossible for me right now.

& yes am gettin married (insya'allah) year 2011 around April/May.
I know its still HAHA too early.. But I have to plan due to erm.. My studying plans.
& I gotta make RonRon agree to follow me when I am studying abroad. Wait. I think he agreed.
& I am not doing any wedding(not sure about his side).
Because, I don't believe in throwing my money to tell (possibly the whole world*roll eyes*) people that i'm married when be it I tell them or not, THEY WILL STILL TALK.

Although I dream of making a fucking grand wedding. Which I want it in a Hotel or a location more unique.
If bawah block all or DORM , might as well don't do at all.
I don't like unnecessary traditions.
So am just gonna do solemnisation at the court.
As long as I get my 2 Carat & a God damn GREAT Honeymoon, oh & wedding photos,


& I BELIEVE at last, Syasya's phrase "There's nothing sexier than a girl with Brains.."
Sorry for the lengthy. Went to a wedding recently & i hated every moment of it except eating.
It's under the block. & very hot hor!!!



  1. INA!!...please dont tell me u r going to hate every minute of i if i invite u to my wedding which will be under the block....=)..hehe

  2. If it's someone I KNOW! Of course I WONT! Hehe..

  3. wedding bawah block! HAH. lol. i agree.and we missed our dateeee. :(