Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dear Dwi..=)

NOTE: A post for a good friend of mine. Even IF she's a whore or a bitch or God knows what others/she herself want to call.

Something for you hun..

I know what you're going through is really difficult.

So many things to spill.
But you don't/may not know how to start.

Firstly to Fad.
Then your parents.

This post is to really tell you that i DO care.
Because you & me went through the same thing.
Because I am feeling what you're feeling now(exclude the Fad-situation thingy).

& u know there's no one better to talk to than to those who experienced it.
No one understands us.
They weren't/aren't in our shoes.
They try to find a logical reason.
They can only nod their heads and say, "I understand...."
But not exactly how we feel.
They diss us when WE're the one in trouble.
They diss us when it's US that needs the help and advice.
& when we leave them, they thought,"That's what WHORES do.."
It's unjustifiable isn't it?

So am here.
Maybe there's more shits you went thru before I know you.
But I'm here now if you need someone ok?

I just hope you realised that what happened IS wrong no doubt.
That YOU yourself landed in this whole myriad of problems.
& that you are sober after this.

One thing what Friendship taught me was,
No matter what are your flaws, as long as you don't hurt me intentionally, and that you really enjoy my company and this friendship, and of course, u love me, I'll be as true to you. That simple.

I like you a lot girl.
I just want you to start being a responsible(not that am saying ur not. But u get my drift.) ADULT at least by JUST sorting out and tackling your problems 1 by 1 to solve it.
Instead of running away from it.

It's difficult i know. But.. what ARE the best thing to solving problems than a few words and exchanging of heat words and when it cools down, acceptance?

If you know its for the best, do it.

I think that's all for now.

& I support you for your Dip! Go Go!

P.s Sorry if i sound naggy to you.


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  1. I told u..i loike naggy person..hehe...thanks Ina...=)