Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is an example of MY DREAM DATE.

*EDIT** I TOTALLY FORGOT TO PUT E PIC WE TOOK IN IMAX THEATRE. Can't see much but heh. Still wanna put!
Initial plan was to go swimming at Jurong East water works.
But the two main attractions, 'Lazy River' & 'Wave Pool' was under renovation -.-.

RonRon bought $34 Board shorts for nothing like that.

So after that, we randomly plan to go Science Centre.
Tell me about it. Really random.

We were hesitant at first because we weren't planning to waste much money so we checked the prices for Science Centre.

It was $12.80 for Science Centre + IMAX Movie Package (whereby if you just buy IMAX it's $10).

The show we watched was Sea Monsters. It was.. Sleepy.
It was really fun. Check the pictures out.

This one was, we were waiting for the bus. I LOVE HIM.

I just HAVE TO pose with colourful statues.

It's the lowest statue, so just randomly pose with it la.

T-REX is a MUST!

As well, for RonRon :P.

Oh yeah. There was a small egg exhibition.
This one has small2 holes.

& this one is fully hatched. CUTE!

I was feeling childish so I went through holes and stuff.
Some kids playground.

Posing to show the center of the exhibition.

Without the flash it's green in colour.

It looked colourful in real & like a fantasy princess area.

RonRon had to pose too!

Ok. This is small basin with some blue liquid inside.
& the white2 stuff is dry ice. Amazing isn't it..(for me lah)

After all that, we were really hungry.
RonRon saw this restaurant just beside the Science Centre called Snowon Restaurant.

It's inside Snow City -.-'
We wanted Seafood so we went there.

Sadly enough, we were too hungry to remember taking any food pictures :(.
I am sad myself. Can't share with you people.

Ok. We ordered,
Oyster Omelette
Baby Kailan
& well duh Rice.
I wanted to try their mantou, but I don't wanna eat 8 mantous. So i asked for 2.

Guess what? Their chef personally asked for our order.
& he gave complimentary mantous. HAHA.

Altogether cost $40 & there's NO PORK NO LARD NO GST.

I was pretty wow.
& service wise was really good that i tipped them(maybe partly cause they were seriously too free).

The food was nice, just wondering why no customers.

After the food, the chef recommended us to go to the Icebar /Alphs Bar or something.

We agreed, went in, & HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I WAS FREEZING. IT was minus GOD KNOWS how many Degrees Celsius.

I was sitting down trying to control. Which I managed.
RonRon was trembling so damn bad that when we took pics, his hand was trembling real bad.

I never go to Snow City before so wasn't mentally prepared.

But hey, for a date, it was one nice experience.

P.s My finger tips and toes were damn numb.

Check the pics out.

Waiting for food la.

RonRon happy got food.

He was trembling~

See la my face like Gong Gong cause his hand shaking.

Hee Hee.

Just a view of it.

Overall, you should try going to Science Centre & eat ay Snow City.
I am planning to invite some people there for my birthday.




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