Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am wearing something hor. Just its really low cut la..

By: RonRon :)

RonRon bought me Sims 3 for my advance B'day Present! YAY!

I sooooo love it!

Thanks pumpkin :) Although I do feel bad.

& Sadly enough, 2nd June he can't tag along to The Sims 3 Launch Party because he's in camp!!
I shall take pictures for you :D

& Dwi said she'll confirm go. We shall see on that day heh.

&&. God. Young kids nowadays are sooo irritating.
Dah bawah umor jangan nak step know it all la seriously.

Who the fuck wanna bring u down when u brought urself down the fucking drain?
Wanna steal someone's happiness and in the end wanting to keep another one.
God. Fucking grow up already.
& stop contradicting!



  1. it is ok if u never wear...only ur hubby beside u what...wahaha

  2. different hor. Late rppl will think i so the what posting nude pics. GRR.

  3. lol....i dun mind seeing...wahahaha