Thursday, May 21, 2009

Few things that gets on my nerves!

Why does my hair grow so ever freaking slow? Damn. I am not in a good moood.
& the only part growing longer is my frinch. I have to go to the salon every once a month!

Oh & of course, not forgetting TREATMENT. $25 buuuurn.
To some its okay but am NOT working.

NOTE: Entry is about games. So thsoe who don't really understand it, sorry ok. I do have a lil bit of Geek-ness in me.. Haha.

Ok I have been playing Sims 2 Free Time. The last ever Sims 2 expansion that I didn't have which now, I do because Pre-Ordering Sims 3 is $74.90. & another thing is that Sims 3 actually costs $56 and Now some Sims 2 Expansion Packs are at $25.90. So I get to download this Expansion Pack.

I don't even understand what I'm talking about.

& as usual, I do play Left 4 Dead still just that, it gets on my nerves when Valve's Steam kept giving me problems. Like I can't keep signing in and shits like that. Seriously.

IT is getting slightly boring for me because I have pretty much completed all the Campaigns & Survivals and certain Versus maps( I suck at VS).

& if not for my game pals, it would be DEAD boring.

RonRon introduced me Warcraft III. I knew about it long time ago just that I never play it before. He showed me and stuff like that. It was OK la.
As in am not interested to play yet because whenever he introduced it to me, he's in front of my face.

& if u know me, I can't focus on anything else if he's with me.
It doesn't necessarily need to be sex DUH.

WoW : WotLK

Haha. I really want this Expansion Pack but but... I haven't even cross the Level 70 mark yet!
Imagine that.

I am way fucking bored of playing alone. I am Level 50 now.

& the quests are so ever grinding quests(hunting mostly killing). I hate to do grinding quests ALONE.

NO ONE I AM CLOSE WITH plays World of Warcraft maybe cause they prefer FREE GAMES. WoW u gotta subscribe every month for $22. Sigh.

So I had to terminate my subscription for the time being =/.

RonRon started playing Defense of the Ancients.
I saw it. It is pretty technical looking and strategic RPG like that.
RonRon said I wouldn't like it cause it's much technical than WoW(which i have to agree to the technical part).

I shall see first. I have like school in at least a month's time and with games polluting my mind is a real distraction.

I think that's it for now.

Adeq & Dwi. 2nd June ok?


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