Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paris Hilton BFF thingy

I know this show has been around for quite sometime but you know me, I am not very updated on this.

So I managed to finish watching Paris Hilton's my New BFF show.

Something like all other reality shows that's now on only I find this show a lil bit, unreal and, High school.

Start off, intro-ing certain hardcore blonde(stupid DUH) bitches. Well not all of them are though.

  • Brittany. She became Paris's best friend. Imagine that.. An Indie rockstar wannabe with A Blonde high class Paris.
  • Brit is seriously fucking Indie. Or Rockstar or whatever kids nowadays like to be.
  • I can't imagine her and Paris together but they sorta have some kind of similar achievements i don't know.

  • Corrie. Core-y.
  • She had cosmetic surgery 3 times.
  • She has a bf.
  • She's totally blonde(well duh not literally).
  • She has a rocking body and I think she can do yoga.
  • She had been saved from eliminations for God knows how many times.
  • She was/is a whore. She was accused sucking/fucking other married men or shits like that. I forgot exactly what. But yeap. Definitely about sex.

  • Lauren. I love[D] her. She has really nice hair! well not in this pic thou.
  • She is totally fucking blonde.
  • Self-centered.
  • Easy bitch. You should have seen how she grind/make out with random guys.

  • Onch. A fucked up attention deprived melodramatic gay.
  • There was this episode in a club a guy said to him something like,"You're a dude? Man I'm feeling all weird now that you're a dude." Yuck.
  • He suck. I hate how dramatic he is. He kept begging in public to Paris something about not eliminating him.

  • She came out as the last 2 finalist and well she's psycho.
  • She kept wanting to be near Paris. She keep calling Paris ,"Hey Gorgeous." Come one. You sound like her BOYFRIEND.
  • Even other people in the show can feel a stalker vibe from her.
  • She's always too emotional. I hate her.
  • She scares the shit out of me.
  • Oh oh, she even wanted to stalk Brit & Paris when both of the girls were having 1 on 1 moments in the show. WTF??!

  • Zui. Another psycho. But its mild.
  • I soo cant see how she's gonna connect with Paris.
  • I hate Zui because she sounds like an irritating RAT.
  • She got eliminated because of her psycho temper.

  • Sinsu!. She's actually quite sweet and nice looking.
  • She has some drinkin problems thats why she got eliminated.
  • I hate it when they dyed her hair Platinum blonde.
  • She totally looked like a prost/some low life girls.
  • I think more like an urban Geisha.

I think this is as much as I can think of those who are worth mentioning in my blog haha.
I was bored people so I was thinking what would a Blonde tell another Bloned to do just to be with the 'in' crowd sorta thing?

Well aside from watching all those nonsense, I managed to like survey all the good and cool clothes and hopefully I could get it from town. Although most of my taste are available at Victoria's Secret. I am not willing to order now as Shipping fee is.. *jaw-drop*


I didn't go to Double-O the other time as I wasn't feeling well and my mood wasn't there as well. Thank God I didn't anyway.

Other than that, I have not much of an update.


I miss Sya2, Shyra, Ika, Qiu Yan, Hui2, Dwi, Adeq, Bahiyyah, Syimah, Netty, argh. & RonRon.


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