Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just recent stuffs

Note: Certain names are.. friends from my gaming session.

Earlier on, me,Icy,Ricky & Riot played L4D new map. The power station.
I had never laugh that bad while playing a game. HAHAHA. Damn classic!

And anyways.
My boobs are seriously painful and when it swells its extra painful.
& i crave so so much.
& well i eat a lot as well.
& i get horny so often which isn't cool cause I don't have a high sex drive.

Sims 3 is coming this June 2nd!!
I AM GOING TO ILUMA, BUGIS for the launch party!!
I waaaaant!
RonRon promised to pre-order the game at Comics Connection which costs $75 i think and if he does that, I get to download ANY game from Sims 2 FREE! Which am left with Sims 2 Free Time.

Now the problem is my desktop's graphic card. Need daddy to change it for me. Sigh.

Oh yeah over the weekend, went to ish Manhattan Fish Market with RonRon as I was craving for Salmon & garlic butter sauce. We didn't take the picture of the food cause.. I was famished. So no pictures.

We had 2 soups, 1 Appetizer & 2 Entrees & 2 drinks which cost $69.

I heard MFM gonna get the 'HALAL' cert soon. & mom adds in, MFM is expensive la. Even if they go HALAL not many Melayus will go there. Please don't get offended cause i say not many. I didn't say NO ok.

My response was "LOL".

RonRon is having outfield from Tue-Thurs.

I swear I can't wait. I miss him and I need him to fulfill me. In whatever ways he can. I MISS RONRON!

Anybody joining me on 2nd June?!!! JUNE COMING! BIRTHDAY !! YAY2!



  1. Dwi-Ina..horny easily???....that sounds damn rare!!!..i also need to change my graphic much is it ah???...

  2. y is ur boobs swelling??? got milk???