Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When a bitch meets a bitch (HAHA)

& so we met.
It was fun I tell you.

I was late because of my bowel problems and I treat Dwi to the laksa at Queensway Shopping Centre.

We then went Vivo to get more food as we weren't satisfied.
She had Subway & I had Carl's Jr.

It was one of the best hang out I ever had la.
Well, we are very open people. So we chatted about our past, how we lose our first, what are sluts and what is life and comparing our bf's dicks (LOL) and that how to separate Men and Boys.

Well basically, Men please, boys don't. How true.

We talked about each others' boobs and comparing to those people we know, well not ALL but yeah.

We in a sense try to know and understand each other. The only bad thing about us is we bitch not about each other but people who seriously, just hit our nerves.

I don't understand what's so bad about her when seriously, she has her issues, like everyone in the world has it maybe not so serious but still, humans HAVE issues.

Didn't ask Adeq along cause we scared she has school and stuff. Sorry Adeq!

Just a note:
Some people really think I hate them. When as far as I remember, I NEVER said anything about hating them.(unless I post something that is swearing about that someone DUH obviously I don't like that someone)

Some people think they're hot stuff when seriously, they're the last person I even wanna acknowledge.
Hot stuff don't SAY they are seriously.

I don't BITCH about people I DON'T KNOW or that has done nothing wrong to me/friends.
Oh. Wait. I am still a bitch aren't I? *sarcastic laugh* Pathetic.

This is major BS.

Still I don't hate anybody really. Just like everyone else I make mistakes, but I try to correct them. Sometimes no matter how nice, people try to manipulate the whole shit and hurl it back to us. So why bother being nice?

So, am really done and over with.

RonRon, come back hurry please.

Oh. Here's some pics.

P.s I don't look too good so don't mind me.



  1. Azwina Ang! when is it my turn.... zomg. i read your posts and i so want to meet you. :(

  2. I knoooow i knooow Liyana Oreth! Ok. I am free on weekdays ONLY. & UU have to beep me coz ur the busy one. Can't wait to have e chance to see u!