Friday, May 15, 2009

I really miss....

I am very hungry. Eatin Mee Maggie now. Mense is here.

You know what I miss most now?
Chatting and sharing a bedroom with my lil sis.

Before we shifted rooms, it was still ok because.. She hasn't start her school yet.
Now.. I rarely get to see her.

Ok wait, I DO see her almost everyday but not as much quality time and laughter unless we have a family outing which is now RARE because Mom has her exams and stuff till 5th June.

I miss when we had our fun times. Frankly, she has become cranky and very whiney. Not I hate it or whatever, just that sometimes even if she whines it won't make the problem better.

I miss when we chat at night chat chat chat till we fall asleep and saying 'Good Night.'

Weekends are packed for her & me cause i'll be with RonRon and she has her working life at Guardian.

Yeap. Am rotting. Rotting rotting rotting.

I miss anyone who loves me dearly.



  1. netty - i love you dearly okiee hun and i miss you..

  2. haha. aww thanks i love u too.