Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hooray for Proper windows(??eh?)

Mood: Quite sleepy.

So please don't mind my limited vocab.

I realised that, those who I treat them as friends, aren't even near it. Wait.

Not even near acquaintance.
Maybe its my fault, or theirs. Or both.

Sometimes I feel I shouldn't even KNOW the person exist. But to think of it again, I mature up because of these people.
But holy crap.

They are still a pain in the ASS even after not being close to them.

I don't know how much I can stand this 'problems after problems' life.
Not that I don't know life IS a problem.
But you know..

For just a while.. I want to feel.. Free..
Which never happens for me anyway.

Am missing RonRon so much.. He's now getting activated to go India already.
I.. feel like tearing.. Even though its just 3 weeks..
I literally went crazy when he had his 1 week outfield (adds in no PHONE CALLS AT ALL).
So it's gonna be expensive to even communicate when he's in India.
It's in Oct btw. Which isn't.. far.

It's depressing depressing depressing.

"If you don't have enemies, you're a person with NO character."


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  1. Hellos! :D Take out that "andy's gf" tagline yea? I'm not with him anymore. hee. Seeyou!