Saturday, October 18, 2008


Utterly deprived of everything of him!


Later fetching him at 1200HRS!!


& am cooking for him malay style macaroni. 

Now i am hungry.


33 things that comes in my mind of Aaron:

1) His botak head

2) His smell

3) He has the same name with one of this town council ass who haven't reply my dad and so dad kept saying this name and thus I couldn't run away from being teased by them with that name. Some thingl ike ," Maybe the the person haven't reply because he's in NS," 

WTF right? Haha.

Mom isn't as mad when i used her credit card to do my shopping sprees~

Maybe because I've been useful in the house. This week alone I did cooking like 75% of the time la!

& adds in grocery shopping AND laundry AND vaccum & mopping. 

I am like officially part time maid. I AM HOPING for my exams to come soooon!! THEN AM GOING WORK WORK WORK!!

Things to look forward::

1) Steak!!

2) Treat baby Swensens Ice cream

3) ______. (Fill in)

4) Tomorrow maybe sushi. (shrugs)

5) ______. (No idea. Fill in. Suggestions?)

6) Next week rollerblading!! YAYAYAYYY!

*RonRon baby, I unlocked DnB Nightmare liao. =p I loooooove u!~


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