Sunday, October 26, 2008

Argh! Humiliation!!!

This is so fucking Humiliating!!!!

I was wearing mini skirt this afternoon to meet RonRon.

& I was sitting at the bus stop while waiting for his arrival.

So I saw 3 buses that has all Army boys in them.

So I KNOW i did sit close legged. It wasnt apart at all.

So his bus was the 3rd one. I was looking down when he came in front of me and said quickly stand up and go. & he said his friends has been exclaiming Up skirt Up skirt. Then he said to me," I just know it could be you. & when i stand up, i was like, Oh shit. Confirm." I was so freaked out. I mean like if his FRIENDS can see.. The first two buses also.....can...... *twitching badly*

I had never felt so embarrassed and I avoided looking at any of them. It was fucking mofo embarrassing la!!! I mean average one bus got 30 guys. 3 bus?!!!!!!! 90 SIA!! I like free show for 90 guys siaa!! WTF?!!!!! 

ARyhhh!!!! I learnt my lesson. The hard way.. *continues twitching*


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