Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Worse of all.

Paranoid. A little.

Anyway. I am not in much of a mood to blog tonight because I am missing RonRon badly and this week he seem busier than usual but it's all right. I can survive this. Argh!

I have to study oredi!! STUDY STUDY!!!

Oh I went out with Shir & Isabelle just now. Watched movies, eat and hearing Isa kept getting amazed at how much i ate. Erm.. I am pretty much a big eater for a petite girl. I am NOT tall. I stand lik 1.5-1.52m . That's like 4 ft 8 inch i guess. So yeah. & yes i am NOT fat. I will always BOLD that . NOT FAT.

So other than that we wnt to HotShots burger at Lau Pa Sat. Burger of course. It was expensive sia! & the taste of the cheese was soooo... too much i was feeling all nauseated but it's just a normal tasting burger. I decided i hate Bleu cheese because it literally taste like vomit. In e middle of eating, me & Isa started talkin about eatin maggots and cheese together because i heard it is good & i rili wanna try it since the maggots arent e fat kind. Shir got all disgusted and threw ice on me which missed and hit some unknown behind us. They looked pissed & Shir when all sorry.. Oh God.. I pity Shir sia. I said sorry and i began whispering. 


I have to buy pills sooon... =\


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