Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sunday till Tuesday

Picture Compo.

First night book out. 
see my RonRon Tan!! ILY!

This is BAD english!

At the airport.

Me siblings & me hubby!

'THE' Clam Chowder @ Pasta Waraku
that each of us had.

Look at his biceps @.@
PLEASE ignore the tan lines.

You see, the menu is BIGGER than I am.

The Clam Chowder

RonRon's Salmon & Spinach with
wafu cream sauce i think.

Baby & his choco Milkshake.

At Chicago Steakhouse's Mushroom Chowder
& his new watch Casio for camp HAHA.

Chicago Steakhouse's Spicy Mussels. 
It's fucking yummy for those who love
Seafood. 8/10

Both of us had the same thing.
Chicago Steakhouse Signature Steak.
& yes, they used Bacardi and lighter.
This is his. Mine literally looked like the
whole plate was on fire. o.O

Our Platter after the fire.

Trying on his Adidas Cap. I look Hee Haw.

RonRon came back on SUNDAY at 6pm!!!!

You don't know how overjoyed I was until I figured out that I can't even hold hands with him in his uniform. Urgh -.-".. You don't know how deprived we were. MUAHAHA. If you get what i mean.

Sunday- I spent time with him till 2 am plus because I SUPER DUPER MISS HIM! We talked and most of the time looking at each other. He looks different!!! I mean it's expected but omg. His muscles!! We went for dinner at MacD. Haha. He was deprived of fast foods. I really miss him.

Monday- I woke up early cause I need to do house chores and after that met baby boy. We had to do some shopping for him cause he needed like a lot of stuff. God. & we went back to Pasta Waraku which he was craving for. It was mainly seafood.  The pictures will tell what we had.  

After that in the evening, RonRon followed me to the airport to send me cuzzie Eilla off to Sweden. She's not coming back for the next God knows how many years. & we took some pics and ate Popeye. Got back home around 1 plus AM.

Tuesday- He woke me up and I was still half asleep. Too tired la!!! I had to do the laundry. It has become a habit of me to at least do 1 or 2 house chores every day. We met at 3 plus PM going 4 at his home and we went out around 5 to Cineleisure. We ate at Chicago Steakhouse again and prepared myself with picture taking of me foood!! FOOOD~~ GLORIOUS FOOD!~~ & you shall see the pictures on top of what we had. 

We then headed to Causeway Point to watch our show at 21:50HRS called MIRROR. It was like WTF. I give it a 3/5 for Gore,Suspense. Storyline sucks. Wait there's no such thing as storyline. After that,he sent me home and we had our last kiss & hugs before he books in on Wednesday at 6pm later. Sadded.. ~ 

I really enjoyed these few days with him. You don't know how much I was yearning for him. I love you RonRon Baby. Muahh!! Thanks for the few days. It was fun..


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