Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sisters' Day Outing!!

In the train while I am PSP-ing.

In one of the machines acting taking pics using
the machines. HAHA. I Look whatever.

another shot in the machine.

Here it is. NEWS FLASH.
I max combo HELLO PINKY
Level 12!!! woohoo!


Me holding Naan Bread.

Story goes like I was having hard time tryna take e 3 of us together and suddenly some 2 men sitting beside us offered to take for us. So after that they wanted any one of us to take pic of them. & in the end i made friends with em and they wanted me to take a pic with them. They look really old.

Priceless Sister love.

Me & my ever favourite Pink PSP Slim.

Initial plan on Saturday:

Go Bugis Street to buy a white tube to go with my hari raya outfit.
Kak Illa couldn't make it because of some customer thingy.
In the end, my sister & i went. It has been ages since we had a sister day outing kinda thing.

So we went out of the house at around....230pm.
Once we arrived Bugis, it was crowded as expected.
I was famished (i didn't fast due to period) & so we went straight for Old Chang Kee.

I was queueing up when one auntie so nabe chibai cut queue and I turned to my sister in frontn of e strangers queueing shouting " Did she just do what i think she did?" With that pissed off face & my sister gave me the roll eye look. I turned back to order mine and the sales lady in 'tudung' gave me this fucked up face and stood there look at me while i looked at her in a confused face waitin for her to like ask me if i needed anything. It was 5 sec of looking at each other when i realised she can't be bothered. I was fucking pissed off.

Lucky am hungry. We went to Bugis street with me munching away (i wasn't concentrating where i'm going and it doesn't matter cause every turn we made the tubes will be there) and drinking longan as well. Once i finished my food, I looked to my right and there's a tube. Told me sis to grab it and help me pay for it and off we go. The place was really humid. We then went to Bugis Junction for the air con.


We planned to take the Neoprint machine thingy, and already exchanged the money to coins, when we realised that, it's better to save for our food later(haha). Cheapskate i know. & i dun care. I want me fooD!!! So in the end we went inside one of the machines and act as if we're taking pictures. LOL!

We decided to quickly get out of the place & went to this MoonRiver shop. Sis told me she forgot to put on her perfume. Guess what? She hid one corner at the stupid shop and put on her perfume. The saleslady was looking at me & laughing. I was seriously puzzled when I smell my sis's perfume, I turned around to find her and she ran outside. OH GOD! It was embarrassing!! 

It was 5 plus already. We took the train to meet me darling, Qiu Yan at Ang Mo Kio. Sis was kinda grumpy and quiet throughout the whole journey. She was fasting. We plan to eat at Ulu Ulu restaurant, my former workplace.

Upon arrival, I was just going around greeting my colleagues/ex-colleagues. I really missed them. When it was time to break fast, lil sis really enjoyed eating her food and I was already sorta gobbling  up hers & my food. HAHAHA. Qiu Yan had prawn dumpling Noodles. After like 15-20 mins of eating, my lil sis was seriously hyper. She was joking and stuff. Wow. What wonderful effects food has on people. Our after food was greeted with dancing with the Thumbuakar dancers. Some tribe dancing. It was embarrassing!!!!!!! ARGH! HUMILIATION! Sis & me & Qiu Yan was so tensed because its weird to be flexible when our boyfriends are not there to witness it and stuff.

After that more picture taking then off to home. It was really fun.

P.S people said am getting fat. WTF?!!
P.p.s enjoy the pics.
P.p.p.s I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY BABY BOY AT 5plus PM LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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