Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soon ina.. Soon...


Today was. very... boring.

But kinda fun. I don't know why fun.

I dreamt of me being with another group of unknowns robbing someone's house in broad daylight. I remembered sirens and me geeling like a total crap. I didn't do the robbing. I just witnessed it. Nothin much. But i was part of that fucken group. So in the end i was walking aimlessly and running around trying to run away. Well they didn't catch me but I swear in the dream i felt so restless. And not at peace at all. 

I am still wondering why i dreamt of that fucking dream.

But my hero, called me after few days of MIA and saved me from the dream. I really breathed hard when i woke up. I miss him. I miss my baby boy.

& i am having really bad headache/migraines for e past 2 days. 

MUST NOT HAVE MIGRAINES! If not... how to have booty call on Sunday night?!! Arhh..

*1 more day....


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