Friday, September 12, 2008

World of Warcraft Update :)

This is my level 43(now) char with a GhostSaber.

Name due to its rarity of being translucent.

Same char with a mount. Last time we can 

only get a mount when we're level 40.

This is my level 30(now) char. With the

rare white lion.(RARE IN ALLIANCE only)

P.s i still have the cool lookin spider.

This is my char's mount. An Elekk. Haha.


I forgot ot update about me having that rare lion that can only be spawned by a Horde character. & it can never be from an Alliance char(since am an Alliance char). 

It's a white lion. & another update is that am level 30 in just 1 week of playin (gah i know some are like much ambitious and faster). & that means I can get a mount! It's sadly, an Elekk(elephant). 


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