Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby boy off to NS.

This post will be almost alike to any of other girls' whose special someone went in for National Service or anything the word 'miss' is familiar.

I spent time with baby on Sunday as Monday morning he was to book in. At first I just wanted to stay there till 2 am or something. Daddy then thought it would be to omuch hassle for him and told me to stay over. So I stayed over. It was kinda stupid. We watched The Love Guru & halfway played WoW. I was too tired. We slept by 3.30am. 

Woke up 5 plus to drink. Dragged  baby boy as well. He looks cute when he's sleepy. 6 we fully wake up and got ready.. Got a cab  by 6.30 or 6.40 am and off we went to Pasir Ris to send him. I clung on him all e way. 

Upon arrival, it was so cold. To make it brief, i think NS now train sissies. I cant stand the qns the parents asked. It's soooo 10 yr old. 

Sigh, i miss him. I miss him so much I don't know what to do. I miss him so much I couldn't really be myself. & half of the time i swear am unhappy. I don't recall laughing so heartily or smiling much unless someone makes a joke or something. I miss him so so much..

Aaron.. Please come back soon.. I miss you:( .. & it's killing me even though I know am to get used to it.. SIgh~~


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