Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Baby & Me in Dad's Car

Went Geylang to Mustafa to Coffee Shop;

2 days before goin camp.

Just finished break fast @ Mackenzie Rest.

& as u can see, ya. i rebonded.

Ok here it is. DJ Max Portable 2 by iNa!!!
&& yes.. I played it till I passed 99,999.
So, it's now 104,409!!

Cool right? & no i didn't cram up! So now that's done,  am gonna concentrate on missions and training my 5 buttons. I wonder if there are other enthu girls like me who loves playin DJ Max. I so wanna meet them!

It's gonna be a common phrase here. I miss him. Tha'ts it. I miss him so much. Unfortunately, his mobile's battery flat. Him being in NS suck. I can't stand it. I just knew he had to bring more than 4 batt!!! I can't stand it! It's been 2 or 3 days e last time i heard his voice. & due to his low batt, no morning msg.. no 930pm msg/call. & at times our convo will stop suddenly. It's really urgh!!!

Dun worry iNa. 4 more days. 4 more days.

P.s Am not feeling well...


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