Sunday, September 21, 2008

All in All

I guess am getting the hang of it.

As in getting the hang of not havin gmy bf around as much as it used to be.

Well of course its boring.. but i manage to do my own things like cooking..


WoW-ing & Sim-ming.

It's really nice to have all the time in my life but it gets boring.

But anyway, i miss him lots. & i cant wait to see him this coming Sunday! 28th!

& am gonna win the bet already. MUAHHAHAHAAH!!

Things to look forward to:

1. Tutoring (at least am doin something)
2. Eating (can't fast as my period's here)
3. Looking forward to Hari Raya (I like my outfit)
4. At least someone to go out with. Which am still thinking who could.

Today was spent reading  book &.. cooking.. 

*7 more days **


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