Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am aware, I have not been updating.

I am so lazy because its e fasting month. & like i said, I have nothing to talk about.

To some people out there, Fasting month, is the month whereby you don't eat, drink starting from sunrise till sunset. Time varies for the month like for this month average time we have to start fasting by 5.30AM and break fast at 7.04PM. & when I say no drinking, or eating, it really meant NO. We are not allowed to let any kind of liquid or solid in our mouth AND going through the esophagus (well except our saliva & accidental of a bit of water swallowed is fine unless intended). At times the first 2 days of fasting, some will forget (especially the starters) that they are fasting. It is fine too as ignorance is a bliss. & on another point, unless intended.

Girls who are having their period are not advised/allowed to fast as they are considered dirty.

& fasting month is to purify the soul. It is to disengage ourselves from anything that is dirty in a sense,

NO sex.

NO smoking.

NO alcohol consuming.

NO clubbing.

NO doing bad deeds.

NO gossiping.

NO touching of the other sex (unless married). 

& there are others that I am not so sure I should put it here as it really varies on one's thinking. The serious Muslims will consider A LOT in our daily lives 'haram'(not allowed). But me, personally, i go with reasons (haha).

A friend of mine told me that fasting is to feel the sacrifice. I find that's true. It's like appreciating the food we have and not to waste it & stuff like that. It's like putting ourselves in those countries which has famine,poverty. & scientifically it is also good for the digestive system. It lets the digestive system rest and some people may lose weight! 

In Singapore, religion is pretty, weak. Especially this century's muslims. I mean yeah I admit that I am 60% non-muslim 40% muslim. I know the history, the Dos & Donts & I know the 5 pillars of Islam. I just don't follow certain rules and that I DO & GREATLY believe in God. IN Singapore, NOT ALL but some teens don't really abide to this fasting month thingy as, well, teens being teens. 

I guess that's as much as i can talk about now. I am too hungry & i can't think really clear. Heh.


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