Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday & Sat & Sun

Sigh.. Just tomorrow.. he's goin NS..

I guess it should be fine. 2 weeks only... 

Saturday we met. We were to shop for his things like cap & mobile & after that go to the salon for me & go shave his head bald. But we were too short of time i guess.

In the end we went to City Hall & Suntec City just to find for him an Adidas Cap. Oh gosh. I was quite tired considering am fasting. We break fast at Sizzler. It was yum yum. I had a few servings of the salad bar. Haha. NICCEEEE!!

Then we went to watch Babylon A.D cause we had no time for the hair thing. Babylon A.D had the action and stuff there. But too bad. The storyline SUCK and the suspense or battle wise isn't as action movie material. This is saddening.  Cause Vin Diesel is in ! & NO actions?!! Wasted baby's $19 . Then he sent me home :)

Saturday, from 4pm till 7.18pm, I was at the salon. Baby boy was at my house with my fam cooking chicken rice. It was yum yum! Mom cooked crab!!! Chilli CRAB!! FAVOOOOOURRITE! Around 8.30pm, baby & me went to 136 & met up with e usuals, heh. I miss them to bits!! & around 11pm, mom called and off we go to Geylang.


It was not that different just a bit bigger than last year i guess. The first thing we bought was a carpet. But its the Japanese kind, instead of the wool ones. It was $100 for a 5 metre. Then we went to the food side. I had 200g of Deng Dengs. Ah~~ the wonder of eating em.. Soo nicey!! Oh Deng deng is a beef. Its like that Bah Gua(is that ho u spell it?) kinda thing. Only its 'halal'. Then I kept being thirsty. & we bought food ehre & there to let baby boy try. Haha. We stayed there till 2 pm. hen off we go to Mustafa Centre.

Mustafa Centre:

Go there with the intention of buying make-up and nice nice perfumes. I bought my Loreal stuffs & Kate Moss perfume that i wanted!! WAAAAH~~~ I LIKEE!!! And we were there till 3am plus i think. & off we go to 'Sahur'.  We sahur-ed at this unknown place near Serangoon. & i didn't eat much. Wasn't that hungry. Cause they kept say8ing am fat and stuff. ARGH!! FAT!?!!!! AARRRGHH! I CANT BILIF THIS!!!!! 

We sent him home around 5. Then off we go home.


Today, am goin to his place later in the evening. I miss him so much.


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