Thursday, September 11, 2008

The most important thing i learnt

Something I would love to share. It is very very meaningful to me as it taught me on the reasons why at times things didn't go the way it should be & it taught me the real meaning of patience. Its patience through understanding life itself. It's gonna be lengthy but it only takes up around 8-10 mins of your time & after you read, u'll realise it too(unless u just have no conscience at all).

"Just a simple story that I'd like to share :)

Credits to Sophia for the editing ;)

Life is like a car journey.

You come into life with a spanking new car, ready with a license to drive.

You are reckless, eager, and impulsive.

So you start to show off your horsepower, speed and brand new wheels.

Pushing it to the very limit, the journey is all forgotten — but isn’t the journey that which we must learn from, and not the temporal destinations that we should be so focussed on?

It’s easy to get a little cocky after a while.

You’ve played safe, never run a red light, and always signalled before a turn. But you are bored with driving within the speed limits. It’s time to bend the rules, a few at first (you forget that they were placed there at the very beginning for your own good). Beat a few traffic lights, get stopped by the police, pay a couple of fines, and moan about the injustices of life.

No big deal, you say. Unfortunately you quickly forget and move on. You’re getting competitive now. The vehicle in front gets just inches ahead before you hit the brakes. A bit too close there, but you want to see how fast you can go.

You don’t realise that you’re meant to observe the things around you — it’s all about “Me”. There are other pedestrians and travellers beside you, but they are forgotten and disregarded.

Bang! Finally you get into an accident: A big screw up. Both the car and your physical and mental state are bruised and sore. You go into the workshop to fix the big mess, and groan when you pay up the check. The few dents and scratches that weren’t there before, now serve as a reminder of your big foul up.

They can never be erased.

Now you chug slowly on a seemingly endless road, toward a destination that is far from sight. The drive is cold and lonely, and boredom seeps into your bones like the chill fogging up the window. You’re stuck in the car, focussed on the path ahead, while fields of pretty purple flowers along the road whiz by.

The loneliness is unbearable.

You stop and invite hitchhikers on board; sometimes indulging in one night stands in cheap motels, or rest stops in bars and clubs. But the emptiness just will not go away. You’re on a lifestyle and a road to nowhere. You finally give up and call on the only One whom you know can help you: God.

Your new passenger makes a strange bargain with you.

He says that if you are to ask him for help, He has to take the driver’s seat. Now, you are His passenger. You’re a bit frightened and apprehensive at first.

After all, “it’s MY car, MY life, and MY journey,” you say. Why should you take the backseat? And where on earth is God bringing you? What if it’s somewhere you don’t want to go? Frightened and confused, at last you acknowledge that His deal is sweeter than whatever you’ve had since getting your license. At least you can relax now. So you agree.

The ride appears smooth at the start.

You begin to notice the scenery, the flowers that bloomed against the carpet of green fields during the spring, and the cumulous cotton clouds cascading against a deep blue sky… You lower the hood, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays beating down on your back.

Bump! The car is stuck in a pothole. God tells you to help push the car out of them. You push and heave and swear, while God shouts words of encouragement. A few more potholes along the way, and you get stuck again! Sometimes, other drivers pass by and help to heave the car out so that you can continue on the journey.

The journey is different now. The people you meet, if you are lucky, want to journey with you. They share your dinners, experiences and road stories. You discuss the best road stops and the nicest countrysides; you swap stories on the roads to avoid, and dream about the destinations you hope to be headed for. Then you reach a crossroad and almost always, it’s time to say goodbye.

 A tearful farewell proceeds, and God gives you a big warm hug.

“The people you meet are to journey with you for awhile, but there will be more road mates along the way,” He says, with a twinkle in His eyes.

It’s not just the sunshine but also the thunderstorms, which you must journey through. Sometimes the road ahead gets barely visible, and the car is crawls at a snail’s pace. God turns on the floodlights, switches to a lower gear and holds your hand.

“Can you hit on the gas and get me out of this miserable place, please?” You ask him, but he refuses.

Instead, he grips firmly on your hand and says, “Look at the beauty in the storms and the strong winds, the lightning and the booming thunder. I created them all. I have the power to stop them any time I want to, but they have come for a reason.”

He elaborates no further. During the times when you feel most miserable, He remains silent, as if saying that His presence is all that matters. Slowly, the grey fades into light. You leave the storm with a different character, one stronger and wiser.

As humans, we get bored easily. Sometimes we ask God if we can take control of the wheel, so that we can just whiz past the scenery and reach His promised destination. We don’t see why the journey must be prolonged. He allows us to take the reins but we finally realise it’s much easier to let God drive.

He knows how to avoid most of the potholes.

He knows where all the speed cameras are.

He knows when to accelerate and when to slow down and most of all;

God knows how to drive through all of the storms.

Unlike us, He knows the journey like the back of His hand. He is infinitely more equipped to lead us out of the dark times. We can but only drive blindly and finally concur defeat, admitting that God is a much, much better driver.

We apologize and tell God that He makes a better navigator and feel humbled by his superior driving prowess, and ask him once again to take charge of our life journey. We switch positions and He drives us once again.

As a youth, I vaguely remember telling God countless of times that He wasn’t going fast enough. I felt learned, knowledgeable and ready. I didn’t want to be sitting around at home reading theology, philosophy or sociology books. I wanted to be out THERE making a difference towards other people’s lives.

I kept asking God if we were there yet. If I was ready to finally serve him as a lay minister but he always answered with a gentle smile, “Not yet, child have patience and faith in the judgment of Thy heavenly Father, creator of all earth and heaven.”

One day He gave in to my wishes and allowed me to have a taste of the future that I always wanted. Needless to say, that turned into one of the biggest potholes that I have ever entered. It took countless of loving friends, sobbing uncontrollably in His arms and 6 months before I felt vaguely normal again. It was one of the most difficult potholes that I have ever been stuck in but I acknowledge that it could have been a lot harder if I didn’t have God at my side to cry to.

Now, I realize that His answers to my pleas of freedom and responsibilities run deep. I wasn’t ready when I was younger to take on the jobs that I wanted. God, always on the look out for me, waited until I was ready before returning me my learner’s permit. He stepped into the passenger’s seat of the car, gave me the keys and promised that He would always be there.
I now know that God is with me always, journeying with me throughout the rest of my life, regardless of the circumstances."""

Credits to: My Bestest Friend in my life living.

©2008 S. Wong blessedchild; Warrior Child.

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