Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fasting month

So fasting month is here. & so did baby boy fast :D:D

Sorry for not updating much, latest news is that I am sick. I am down with very very very bad flu that I'll tear up and stuff if i pinch my nose tool tight. It's the dumb sinus. Argh. 

I met baby boy on Friday after school. & on the way i bought him this long awaited Nissan GTR that was quite costly (got delayed for 3 to 4 weeks due to me not having money cause am not working) but it was like worth it la. He was happy. So it is worth it!! I love him so much that I love to buy him things whenever i have money. Heehahaaa... Then slack around his home and Zzzzzz.. Later in the evening, fetched Shir from the bus stop as she wanted to sleep over my place. 

On Saturday was just lazing around. Did some house chores and met baby boy in the evening to watch Death Race. Holy shit, the actions are like sooooo coool! I give it 3/5 cause the plot and storyline is kinda bullshit but the action is kinda fun! Muahhaa.

Sunday went to my grandma's pal house to get some food. & I had flu by then... & my body didn't feel that great. 

So today was fasting month... Baby boy & sis's boyfie, Din, came to break fast at our house. Mom cooked obviously. & it was a pretty nice atmosphere. I love the way mom socialised with the 2 boys. Daddy did as well. But haha. Dad's vocab is sooo bad. It was really fun. Oh Din came a bit later cause erm.. i have no idea. 

It was really fun. But baby got slight fever  =(... Sigh.. Oh well, here's the pics... Not much but wth..

On Sunday. I look whatever.. but wth =D

The Nissan GTR i bought for him xD

Envy him boys!! HAhaha.

Till then...


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