Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I know la i know~!

I know. Don't need to tell me already.

I have not been busy. Just lazy to blog.

Nothing much happened only that every weekend is for RonRon.

I super miss him not. Like AS USUAL.

Its 4am now & i havent sleeep.

Instead am eating this VanHouten Assorted Napolitains Chocolate. HAHA. You know the one that has 3 types? Mocha Milk Choc, Orange Milk Choc & Milk Choc. I think we liked it when we were younger . OR i liked it. Now eating like 10 of them already. Am so gonna gain weight.

Oh well. Nights as I have nothin to say.

*Loving you is seriously the best gift God can give me. I am like the happiest used to be asshole in the motherfucking universe girl right now. & then am scared. Because happy times are most of the time; Short-lived. 

I'm starting to pray just so I could be with you longer. I love you RonRon.


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