Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Do you believe happiness don't last?

I do. I greatly do..

You know I never felt such wonderful love from someone before. Obviously am talking about RonRon. I never felt so much of acceptance & I really love him alot. It's an entire different love from the ex. 

I really love RonRon a lot to a point where when I think of situations God take him away from me, I'll tear up pretty badly. Now that he's in NS, it's bad enough i can't talk to him and talk it out and hear him say it's fine & that he's still here talkin to me. 

You know, when you're so happy to a point where u have all sorts of things promised and planned, then suddenly, out of the blue, your happiness was taken away from you. Have you ever noticed the pattern? You are so happy becausse of something - anything! But after awhile it either goes back to normal or something bad just happen? I don't know but i do. I guess am just unlucky in a sense.

RonRon means e whole world to me. Mom & Dad has always been there.. But they're working parents. So the only things we talk about are current issues or issues that concerns religion, our being well off. It's not much about emotional things u know.. & with him... I can pour out all my emotions.. It's like he's there be it my emotions are stupid or not.. He's still there. He dun discriminate it like ,"God tat's so Childish." Instead he tries to go another way of sayin that I have all the rights to think that way but if am in that person's shoes, what would i feel? 

I am a very sensitive emotional bitch. So he needs to be patient for me to calm down before he starts spoutin the 'in-ur-face' kinda words. 

I never had a boyfriend like him. Everytime when we meet he'll always cuddle me close and he loves to kiss my shoulder near my neck area. It's not the sexual kinda thing.

It's more like "i'm doing this bcoz i miss ur baby smell" kinda thing. It's very manja (pamper-ish) but I like that. It makes me feel he appreciates me being ME.


ME that I dun need nice perfumes.

ME that I dun need artificial whatever.

ME even with my pimples on(been sleepin late u see).

We share so much memories, exchanged too many kisses, pour out too many feelings, tightened up the loose bonds that I just know, i'll crash right through my brains if I just lose him like that. 

People said a good thing comes out after a bad thing happened. What if, he is JUST the good one for me? You know there's many fishes in the sea. As many as they are, I know i can find someone who is NEARLY as good as him but that someone will NEVER be him. RonRon will be RonRon that i'll forever cherish.

I do know everyone will die eventually... But.. I can only accept that once we have fulfilled what we planned. People said we humans can only plan but GOD is the one that makes it happen.

I never felt how strong I could love someone till now

We're coming 11 months now. But I know. I still yet to find how much I can go through with him. 
What makes us strong and we only had those small2 arguments due to misunderstandings was communication. Communication is the one factor to a relationship.

Open communication includes: Things u prefer the other party not to do with reasons or things u want the other party to know and respect. You must always tell each other wad u feel so the other person can understand you better. You can even talk anything & i meant anything under e sun.

Respect: U have to learn to respect each others' sensitive issues and beliefs. U have to strain urself from badly abusing or humiliating that person especially in public. You have to know that how emotional u are, u have to respect and not hurl abusive words.

Honesty: U talked to your Ex even though he/she didn't allow u to? Goes back to the first & 2nd. u have to tell ur partner why u chatted. Be honest. Be open if ur guilt free. U have feelings fer ur ex? Den settle that. U smoke/drink/club/had sex w/o ur partner knowing? Am sure smoke drink n club u can tell. At least with a vaild reason. U HAVE to be honest. TRUST is a big thing and once u break it. Poof. Dun ever dream ur rship will be as a fairytale, EVER. But haha.. having sex with another.. U must be bored of the rship already.. So u can just buzz off from each other.

Understanding: U are just gf/bf right? Then stop it with the 1001 rules already. U gotta understand that each of u has friends. & that u have to trust each other you know ur limits with friends. And that you still CAN make friends with the sensible ones. Girls/Guys shouldn't submit too much to e other because when one's too tied up, it can just break loose and it's gonna be ugly. Stop it with 96 msgs/day( since 15mins =1 msg) man. God, u dun have a life or something? Though you have lectures to listen to? Or noting down or something? & what's with THAT look  when someone else looked at ur boo? They were JUST looking.

Trust: Without those above. U can't even develop trust. You know you're not 24/7 with each other. But with communication, respect, honesty and understanding, you just know everything will be smooth. Sure there's gonna be lil misunderstandings here and there but hey it sure is not the ones that's very damaging right? What is a rship if there's no arguments? If there really isn't, your rship must be THAT mono and abnormal. You can even cheat on each other!!

That's pretty much my guide on a normal relationship. I mean this is just what I learnt. I've yet to know more. This is the basics of all and more in depth like if Sex in a Relationship would really last longer kinda thing is a whole different matter. I shall touch on that when I have more recollections of it. For now. I am gonna do picture editting for the girls.

& NO ONE can define what is love. Cause there's different kinds of loves. So don't start saying "Love is....". 


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