Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exam, Work

I am currently squeezing the shits out of my brain.

Studying for my final paper.

Principles of Business Management

Since my text didn't really show out much answers to the questions that I received that's assumed to be coming out for the exams, I've gotta research all the answers on the net & I have to pay for the fucking essays. Sigh.. Anything I'll do to pass this fucking paper.

& so plans after that is obviously work. & if you guys have any vacancies for : Office jobs or Tourism & Hotel Industries, feel free PLEASE tell me. 

Jobs I PREFERABLY not to go: MLM(or NM), waitressing, tele-marketing & retail. I have very bad experiences so thanks for that. Well except waitressing. But am more interested in other lines for now yeah?

& back to I miss my RonRon. He's booking out tomorrow~~~~ & I received several scratches on my right hand thanks to Hershey. 1 deep bite mark from Kimmie & a hole mark from Pico. One day.. I'll post a picture of all the 5 JUVENILE cats I have. Urgh.

Shir, if your first paycheck comes in, YOU'RE GONNA TREAT ME MAX BENNER's OK?!! Reason being : I am ur Bestest friend and that you love me more than ur life. MUAHAHA.

& in turn when i get my first pay check I treat u & Isa for that ahems.. G-Max ride......*shrinks* & u can see me making a fool of myself ; ADDS in clubbing ok?! Oh oh. & 1 free drink on me. ONE ONLY HOR!!

Till then, I am thinking should I call Mike... 


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