Monday, October 20, 2008

Forgot something


I forgot to add something in...

On Saturday when he booked out, I cooked for RonRon Macaroni. It's the malay style macaroni. Something like Mee goreng but instead of e noodle, its macaroni laa. Haha. He said this, "Thanks for the lunch just now my ctuie baby. I rate it 8 out of 10. 1 point is because not enough drink for me! Another point is to prevent u from full marsk."

Hahh. He is BAD! He had two servings of the food. & i am really really glad he likes it. It is because I super love the way he ate the food. I love cooking for him. He always appreciates it. Sigh~ 

I felt like a housewife (bleah) when I cooked for him. When I folded his army stuffs and packed them neatly. I swear he has like 4 pairs of the uniform and 4 pairs of his so called PE shirts and 2 towels. I folded ALL of them except 1 uniform of his which is the top because he taught me how to fold his kind. So after folding, while talkin to Joanne, I helped him store his stuffs in ziplock bags so its more organised and neat. And after stuffing and sitting and compressing, threw all inside his big big bag which eventually the space is small. 

Mom,Dad, RonRon,Lil sis said i could be housewife. I told RonRon in his dreams i wanna be a housewife. Am so freaking money minded be housewife? if he earns 10K a month can ah. If he don't, I'll still be a working woman. Arhh.!! HOUSEWIFE?!!!


i miss u.. =(


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