Monday, October 27, 2008

So the days go by..

Ok. I am SUPER tempted to change my template. 

Am gonna make this post short(or maybe long) because promised RonRon i'll sleep before 3am. These days my pimples have been popping like crazy due to my sleeping timing of 5-6 am . Since am currently having exams, so yeah. 

Well fetched him on Saturday & we didn't really do anything much only ate steak. We shopped for his stuffs and just hanged around in his home. Pretty much that's it. I didnt want the rollerblading because am having menses. 

Sunday was watching Tropic Thunder. I give e show 2/5. I am being very kind. It is just full of crap shit talking and stupid gore that is just eew but dun make me close my eyes or anything. & the script was waaay... sleepy. Urgh. Fucking pathetic.

& off we go his place. & we put some PSP games in. DJ MAX 3 emotion sense or something CLASSIQUAI or something like that. It is a whole different way of unlocking things. Am still experimenting it. & we also added in Diner Dash. My fingers are like running roaches playing the fucking game. 

& didn't meet him on Monday because time is too short. I super miss him. already... I guess I just have to stop here. Not feeling too good.

Let me say this again. I want to move in his place!!! His area is damn bloody good la! His area has FRIED MARS BARS!! & STEAK!! AAAAAAAAAARHHH!!


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