Monday, May 26, 2008

2 truths still can't sink in..

Was getting ready to go school this morning but..
not feeling well and Aaron's mom was in critical condition at the hospice.

Took a cab there to see how she was. Aaron's eyes were red, his relatives were all there.
I felt like an outsider. A total stranger. But i brave through the crowded area to see her.
She was real bad shape. I couldn't cry at first coz i kinda expected it. But with everyone's negative energy pounding on me I went outside to cry. After about 15 mins I went back in to check. Someone said something about she isn't breathing. I was pretty much way back in e background. When the doctor came to check, the doc closed her eyes and after that, my vision was just a blur. I cried, relatives wailed. Doc said she passed away peacefully.. I was hanging at his place with all his relatives there. I still can't believe she's gone.. Just like that...



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