Sunday, June 1, 2008


hope what I am doing is right.

I don't know if he's ready. I just feel like he's not.
Am i expecting too much?
Or do i actually have e right to expect too much?

With all after what he'd gone thru..
I know I have to give him a lot of moral support.

Am i giving enough? Or am still lacking?

I just feel like I am scared I couldn't keep up with it..
Because of what I am now..
I am gettin so emotionally exhausted.
& mentally as well.

I have no idea what am i suppose to do.

I feel like am alone. And the only one going thru what I'm going thru..

It's not about being sick of being there for him.. it's about something else..

Everything I do takes a lot of me to do it.
With no one knows or even some knew they have no idea of what i'm going thru.

I am feeling in the pits now.
If it really is a wrong turn.. I may not know what am capable of doing...........


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