Sunday, June 29, 2008

not much today

It was raining. & its pretty much thundering around right now. Sadly, no wind.

It's effin hot right now. I can't stand it. 

& i am having flu. Ask me how i get it.

I don't know how.

But I know it maybe due to lack of sleep past few days. 

4 am plus sleep. Woke up 9 or 10 plus and finally got up by 11am.

& after that activities which requires less or no sleep. Freak.

My nose keeps running to God knows where. & i am trying to like catch it. ARGHHH!

I love aaron. I told u. No matter how dumb,bad,mean,irrational/unreasonable i am, he never fail to say he still loves me in the midst of me hurting him. I dunno.. I love him so much because of that. His patience. I love love love him a lot. I'm sorry baby...Aarghh...

I HAVE TO GO TO E FREAKIN DOC TMR. Arghh.. I so need whatever medication. &#@$*%&#@%!!!!!!

I still dunno who that person is. & am still gonna search for that bastard.


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