Monday, June 23, 2008

Fulfilled ..pretty much..

Like at last.. 

We met :D

I so miss him a lot & God knows how much.

It was simple. Just went out to get my cravings first and that is Orange julius and those hot dogs. I ordered twice. SO the guy behind the counter was giving this 'God u eat a lot' kinda look. I was pretty embarrassed but i just couldn't care less cause I was really hungry.

Baby boy is sick. So after that I accompanied him to the clinic at Marsiling. it's a sunday. Polyclinics were closed. Well everything costs quite an amount haa..

So after that, we head to Lot 1 to eat something proper. I didn't even finish my meal >.>...

Then headed to his place to watch Jumper. It's a boring and predictable movie. I didn't really like it. And snoozed after that. Woke up to watch Step up 2. & e usual. I just wanted to watch e dance and not the whole show. It's as usual predictable. Then I taught him how to grind. It's pretty funny actually. He blackmailed me sayiong he's gonna go clubbing to try those moves. Well i threatened him I'll do the same with other guys. Haa.. 

We then felt hungry. Went to the nearest MacD around his area and ate. & I went back by cab. 1 hour after reaching home, I was hungry again. I really like the day yesterday. Cause I didn't even physically abuse him. ^.^

My rockmelons are really too big for me -.-'


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