Monday, June 23, 2008

Please understand.

You have to understand this.

I am bored.

& later am out to be alone.

& later most prolly I'll go ... KFC & read my story book. Alone. For no one's gonna accompany me as baby boy's sick. So I shall let him rest.

& most prolly i'll munch on the cheese fries. & i love KFC's ice tea. So i should drink ice tea. Then maybe after that i'll go Sheng Siong to buy Jack & Jill's potato chips (with the amount of potatoes i'm eating, I swear i am doubling the chances of getting cancer pretty high) & my Green Tea & ... God knows what else.

Then I shall call someone to fetch me home.

p.s Lil sis is taking her time in e loo. I hate it! I want the loo!!


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