Friday, June 20, 2008


I don't wish to talk about today. 

:) Am fine though.

Oh well I am bored right now.

I am trying to find things to do. maybe i'll check around youtube or something.

Because bf is practically obsessed with his new PC. & I am finding it irritating with him goin on & on with Spore. Fuck with SPORE. ARGH!

I get so easily irritated by him at times I have no idea why. BUT I SO LOVE HIM. 

Tell me about it.  -Now talking to him on the phone and he's still raving about that stupid SPORE! WTF?!!!-

I can't believe i'm gonna be stuck with him for the rest till God knows when. Oh am not regretting. Just that I have not been complaining. & i am feeling like one rabbling bitch so i just need to say something out. Like i said. I AM BORED.

Love you.. 

Love you...~|~


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