Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bulging tummy Day

Met baby again today. Was to go out with mom but it was only for awhile.

So we met & we went to eat at Pasta Mania. I didn't finish my food. I feel bad.

Baby paid for almost everything today. I only chipped in like 10 bucks for our Arcade (that'll come later.)

So we wanted to game at his house but he has to act as if he's working. So in the end we planned to go Arcade. Wanted to go to Lot 1's but Lot 1's under construction. So we decided to go to Causeway Point's. I was wearing something that makes my rockmelons look like spilling out. I regret wearing it like seriously. So we went Arcade. We used up at least, almost $30 altogether. Hahahaa. We played Housed of the Dead 4, Time Crisis 3 & 4 & some shooting game and that get the doll game( i have no idea what is the right name).  It was fun & tiring for am short. Time Crisis suck. Cause when I tried to tilt e bloody gun up, it doesn't shoot a thing. So i have to like elevate my hand in the most awkward position. So most of my shooting i aim at their legs. HAHAHA. 

Then we went to buy my cat's carrier. Its darn cheap. They're having some kind of sale so its  $22.50. It's kinda cute ^.^ & after that we went to Gelare to eat waffle ice cream. In the end, we ordered our own so called main dishes and waffle :D I SO LOVE EATING WITH HIM.  I ate Club Gelare sandwich i think. Its not that huge but its pretty fulfilling. So after that HOME. Hanged around for awhile, & home :) I really enjoyed today cause its food & GAMES!!!

I can't wait for Friday...*cheeky*

p.s I'll put pics when baby's done with them -.-


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