Saturday, June 28, 2008

ECP outing

i know. my stomach bloats cause of the food -.- p.s i'm blading. cant seeeeee

On the way :D

Agenda for the day:

Wake up in the morning like around 8.00 AM.

& only started getting ready around 9 plus.

& baby boy came to my place around 11 plus to eat mom's fried rice (god knows how he has to 'tahan' with the bland taste >.<).

So we set out around 12 plus i think. But I had to buy my shades first cause I figured I lost mine. After shopping for what we want, then we headed out. While halfway in the 966 bus, mom called me and asked how in the world my lil bro gonna come home when he dun have e key. I was kinda pissed cause there were 2 extra keys at home and none of them took the key. & so we stopped somwhere near thomson rd i think, and baby handed the key to mom. 

The day was so effin hot that by the time we reached MacD at ECP, I was already sweating. & stinky. After food, we rented skates & bicycle. It was really hot! Oh i had blisters because of the new slippers. !@$#@5!

So since the last time I blade was God knows how long. I was so wobbly, boyfie had to like support me. But after awhile, some warm ups and tightening  of the stupid blade I could just blade a bit faster. Boyfie kept commenting on the guys who looked at me when they pass us. I mean like DUH, guys look at girls. Boyfie kept saying how obvious the guys looked. I was really like, it doesnt matter cause im with him and not them. It was partly romantic and fun cause while blading/cycling, we kissed/pecked, hug, held hands. Hahahaha. It's my ever first time doing that. Sigh~

Then after 1 hour plus, we went to take stroll near e waters. It was so fun. & relaxing. Been a long time. & we camwhored. Around 6  or so we took bus 135 to go to AMK. Buy his Wii and ate there & to his home where all the fun started & didnt really ended fun and home. Oh no.

NOt yet. Dad fetched me and we went to get supper at Sembawang. Then home :D

& baby boy's stressed up. Muah..


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