Friday, June 20, 2008

& so...

Got to a decision.

What happens, happen.

I so need starfruit juice now. I like it. Sour :D

I miss bf badly. We just met just now. For like 2 hours. Only.

I was yearning for him. Now still am. Sigh..

Mom & dad being nice to me i guess.. House work I was to sweep. Instead of mop. Haha

Mom so understood me.

Life is pretty mono. Wake up eat sleep. now that am not working anymore. School's study period. & nothing much i could do at home just hoping there's food around. & am still not fat. Bf keeps telling me to download that Spore game thingy. E game isn't even released yet. Only that creature maker thingy. I will download it much later. LAZY . 

I am still craving for banana milk shake and hot dogs. Am seriously gonna make a trip to Orange Julius which is just 10 mins away. AAARGHHH!! I WANT BANANA MILK SHAKE!!!!! I can't eat cheese. Cheese makes me vomit nowadays.I vomited cream of mushroom thats mixed with cheese the other day. E vomit wasn't nice cause i don't even know if it was cheese or vomit. I am also craving for Carl's Jr chilli corned beef with fries (i think thats wad its called). I can't wait for my nausea to go off. I swear. Because it is very bad whereby i CAN end up vomiting everything i eat. 

Argh.. Baby.. Hurry bathe! I AM BORED!!


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