Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things are not meant to be told

At times there are things that's best left unknown.

Be it emotions, or how honest you wanna be to them.

I mean don't get me wrong, everyone has their own reasons in keeping them in the bag and stuff. & most of the reason for me is to protect the one you love. 

As my policy goes, what they don't know won't hurt. I don't know. Sigh...

Some ass went to me & my lil sis frenster profile. The person right clicked on our photos, (1 each) and emailed it to my dad. Fortunately my parents are the kind who dun mind and find it natural but they are not happy that small things are becoming big. Stupid ass hole fucker. Family wrecker. I fucking hate that ass. I mean like what's the person's motive? Argh. Whatever.

What things are there out for me this year?!! HUH?!! I am feeling so stressed up, Fed up, pissed & God knows what else!!!!


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