Monday, June 23, 2008

Things of Why I Love Him.

I've been thinking about baby boyy Past 48 hours (& still counting) or so.. I've been thinking of what my mom said to me about if I am playing his heart or not.. Obvious answer: big fat NO.

For in everything i am very grateful, God made us meet.

For in him, I will state what I LOVE about him..

* HE is cute. Maybe not to some people, but I really don't care.

* He is innocent. Which makes it am his ferst gf. & this makes me feel very secure because he has no histories of many fucks or touched any other boobs or God knows what.

* He respects me in a lot of ways. He NEVER once raise his voice on me (for me its e other way round) & he never hurt me physically nor emotionally.

* He has this sub conscious ways of him that I find him cute. Like poking straws on his teeth after food or just during drinks.

* He has this goofy laugh when I say something cheeky.

* He isn't all about the sex.

* He looks in my eyes when he says he loves me. & only hug me after 5 secs of looking at me.

* He never fail to look longingly at me(which is not comfy at times for am shy) and with that 'i cant stop lookin at ur gorgeous face' look' which makes me squirm.

* He said he finds me beautiful no matter how unkempt my hair was/is. Or how my bad pimples are really showing out (ouch).

* He never sweet talk. I swear. & i love it.

* He trust me. He treats me as his fren, his wife & am like his all.

* He always let me win in an argument.

* He's really patient. & never fights back when am moody/irrational/unreasonable.

* He's really open and we can always  talk about anything in the world. From our smelly armpits(LOL) to ________.(fill in ur own imagination).

* He loves my fat tummy. 

God. I can still go on. I'll stop here first till i can think of what to add in :)

I so love him.


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