Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wth.. Gaah.

Past few days has been hibernating my lappy.

& my blogger home hasn't been disconnected at all.

Talk about not safe.

Went to doctor again today. Some follow ups check ups.

It was ok i guess. I have iron tablet. & some other nonsense stuffs.

I am missing him badly. I have no idea why ok? Lately he is just filling up my brain. I don't know if its e mating season syndrome or its just the 'im gonna miss u if u go NS and even ur still not in NS am already going crazy' syndrome going on. Seriously, its not good? For I have my papers still to think about. But with what shits I went thru past week was.. Unavoidable.

Just msged him (he's working) but still no reply. HAIYAH. I AM BORED. & I can't wait for Friday. I really wanna go roller blading on Friday. Too bad I cant ask Shir along after her incident of nearly being robbed. Well She was kicked and punched and she cant even recognise the attacker. Asshole Apek. She's shaken & feeling sore(Duh).

Hershey just got spayed. She really looks pitiful & not very active. 

I wanna marry him(embarassing..). Mom & Dad wants me to marry him in 3 years. I find that IMPOSSIBLE. For i can only marry him in 5 years time (I DO NOT WANT UNDER BLOCK weddings). Neither does he. I mean like. Chinese weddings are expensive. He needs to chip in too u know! Oh & when am gonna have a wedding, am just restricting to 200 guests!  Hell with those I do not know :).

I have not much of rants today for there's nothin much to rant about. Ok.


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